Yeast Overgrowth-The Cause Of Female Infection


Yeast is a very known and common micro-organism usually found in the humans. It is present in adequate population, as its growth is controlled by body’s natural defensive mechanism. Nearly 70-80% of women are likely to suffer from Candidiasis. Hence Candida albicans is the natural vaginal flora of the female organ. It occurs naturally in the vagina and causes no harm to the body when present in adequate quantity. If this organism exceeds the normal population in the body, it can prove fatal to the body and cause diseases. The frequent intake of contraceptives, some antibiotics, diabetes mellitus etc, can increase the possibility of yeast infection.

The preliminary indications to this disease are itching and may even cause irritation of the vagina or vulva. Female can even observe the whitish discharge that may smell like yeast nearly similar odor of beer or baking bread. In many cases yeast infection and bacterial vaginoses show similar symptoms, therefore women misbelieve that they have yeast infection, when they usually suffer from bacterial vaginosis.

Previously, women had their own treatment to this disease, but recently it has studied that Bacterial vaginosis can only be treated by the doctors.


Candidiasis is the disease that can be self-treated in the preliminary case. But in extreme cases special anti fungal treatment is to be followed as prescribed by the doctor. To cure this infection some other organism that can inhibit the growth of causative organism is used. In this case other natural flora of the body specifically lactobacilli is advised to consume that is usually present in the yogurt, which inhibits the growth of yeast. Thus it helps to cure the disease. Hence patient can even consume slightly smashed garlic clove, that is produces an anti fungal substances called allicin. To be more prescribing, medicines like acidophilus tablets or salves can be used to prevent it. Even antibiotic powders like boric acid can be used to avoid the spread of infection before bedtime for few nights.

Some other remedies are that patient can douche a liquid mixture of one teaspoon baking soda in one cup of water. As candida cannot resist alkaline condition, the baking soda alters the acidic condition of the vagina to alkaline and ultimately cures the infection.

In extreme cases, the sufferer should directly consult the doctor as home remedies can provide just little relief. It is normally advised that the patient should go for proper medication by consulting the doctor. The only remedy to extreme cases is to consume medication as prescribed by the doctor.

Some of the anti-fungal drugs to treat candidiasis are; topical clotrimazole, topical nystatin, fluconazole, topical ketoconazole. Hence the patient should seek advice by the doctor before going for these medications.