Wrinkles Formation: A Curse to the Beauty


Many times it becomes difficult to accept the facts of life. Aging is also one of bitter fact that no one wants to accept. Therefore constant efforts are made to get rid of these aging signs. Wrinkle formation, dark circles under eyes, creased eyelids and puffy eyes are some common aging signs that appear as we age. With our growing age, our skin also loses most of its essential ingredients. The key among it is that skin loses stiffness and elasticity. Once it happens it starts sagging and fine lines appear. Slowly and steadily these lines becomes deep and prominent. And it comes up in form of wrinkles.

The most common parts of body parts that are more prone to wrinkle formation are skin under the eyes, neck region, arms and elbow. These skin parts wrinkle extensively and make it look old.

Wrinkles are formed as soon as the essential skin component that is collagen and elastin gets affected. Once these gets affected body loses moisture as moisture holding capacity of skin cells goes down.

Science has discovered lots of remedies to overcome this wrinkle problem. Sometimes wrinkles are occurred in you early 20’s this is called premature aging. Premature aging causes due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Deficiency of certain essential minerals are also leads your skin to wrinkle formation. Weather changes specifically in winter your skin may wrinkle. This may be due to lack of humidity and dry weather. Therefore, special care must be taken especially in winters to avoid wrinkles and creases.

Simple home remedies can also help you to prevent wrinkle formation. In addition to this anti-wrinkle product are also available in the market that will assist you to fight against aging signs. Therefore go for right anti-aging cream that will suit your skin better.