Wrinkles: A Bitter Experience


Life can’t wait for anyone and we too cannot be remaining young forever. It is the bitter truth that we have to accept it. But though we are living we this bitter truth science has brought more things to help you with aging problem. Aging occurs with the declination of essential ingredients and components of the body. Skin is the mirror image of our body aging.

As our body starts aging, our skin also starts showing aging signs like wrinkle formation, dark circles under the eyes etc. two most important ingredients of skin are collagen and elastin. Collagen lies beneath the skin surface and hence protects the surface skin layer. If this layer gets affected then it may affect the surface layer of skin and make it to age.

Most of the anti-aging cream contains collagen enhancers that stimulate the production of collagen and prevent the skin from aging. Moisture is important to protect collagen layer as it keeps the collagen layer firm and intact.

On the other hand elastin is also one of the essential components of skins that maintains skin’s elasticity and make it look young. The external factors like UV rays, free radicals, and fluctuating weather conditions etc. takes away moisture from collagen layer and render it dry.

This ultimately causes the collagen to dry and also loses elastin causing the skin to sag. This sagged skin then result into lots of folding forming wrinkles. These wrinkles can remain permanently if they are neglected.

Sun protective sunscreen can protect skin from UV rays and sun damage. Good moisturizers can keep your skin moist for longer period of time. Therefore experts advise proper regular use of these creams.

Apart from this aging signs can also be avoided by going for natural means like eating healthy and nutritious food, drinking plenty of fluids in a day for keeping moist, using sun glasses before going in sun rays. Living stress free life and doing exercise regularly can help to keep you fit and young for longer time period.