Wrinkle: More to Know About


In the effort of reducing aging signs, new researches and studies are going on. According to recent study’s it has been noted that aging is not only the result of disorderly functioning of deep skin layers but also depends on surface skin layer. The recent study’s informs that not only deep layer changes but also surface skin changes can cause with aging signs.

According to the basic knowledge it was believed that changes in deep skin layer leads into loss of elasticity. This weakening of elasticity can cause you with aging signs. When the research was performed, the experts examined the rigidity of surface epithelial skin by poking skin cells grown in dish. They found that this skin cells is rigid till two to ten times as compared to young skin cells and also believed that this is due to cells’ cytoskeleton.

With the observation of such difference in surface skin it has open wide doors to more perfect solutions for treating aging signs. The work under experiment is still going on. Several tests on mice are performed. Only little information is available of aging process in epithelial cells. This research contributes a little in treating wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines and other non-surgical treatment that is the safest part to eliminate skin aging signs.

Though these non-surgical treatments are believe to safe and painless as compared to surgical ones, doctors suggestion should be a priority. The safest part to deal with aging signs is by treating your skin with anti-aging creams containing natural effective ingredients.

Some prominent non-surgical methods for treating aging signs are as:

  • Non-surgical face lift
  • Glycolic skin peeling
  • Micro dermabrasion skin polishing

Along with these many aging signs are treated painlessly and safely without any surgical operation.