Migraine- The Ultimate Cause


Universal headache problems can be cured by applying certain pain relief ointment like balms. But migraine headache is a severe one which is ultimately required to consume pain killers or prescribed medication.

Migraine is a severe type of headache and are of two types

Classical migraine and common migraine

1.Classical migraine is a type of headache that may lead to aura or immediate effects like numbness or tingling. The aura can be flashes or blinking of light, squiggly lines, or even halo effect.

2.The common migraine may not be related with aura. Nearly all the people who suffer from migraines may suffer from common migraine, normally at the rate of 3:1 ratio.

About millions of people, particularly Americans go through this problem but most of them experience no treatment. While examining the migraine Scientist were of the view that migraines were the ultimate cause of enlargement of the blood vessels. Discoveries led after close examination of the brains during migraine attacks concluded that some excitable neurons, or brain nerve cells are present.

The most recent study ushering migraine study is mechanism so called the cortical spreading depression or CSD. Initial stage of the migraine pain, revealed that there occurs a sudden eruption of the cortical activity in the occipital lobes that is back part of the brain. In the occipital lobe there will be spontaneous increase in the activity and and suddenly result in decline in the activity and ultimately demoralized state. The ultimate pain may be due to brain stem activation, or the blood vessel inflamed by rapidly exchanging flow of blood or even both.