Defending Skin from Wrinkle Lines


We are all familiar with the wrinkles. These are the grooves and creases that appear as dark and light lines on your skin. It mostly occurs on facial skin, neck region and elbows. In facial skin wrinkles appear around the eyes region, eyelids skin area and forehead portion. The ultimate reason behind wrinkle formation is lack of moisture or dry conditions cause wrinkles. Just as skin loses moisture the collagen layer also loses hold over the skin and loses elasticity.

With the loss of elasticity, skin starts sagging and wrinkles appear. People who spend there most of the time in sun are more susceptible to wrinkles. Excessive and prolong exposure to sunrays for years can result into “photoaging” in which skin appears freckled, yellow, and rough. This also causes thinning of skin that allows blood vessels to be visible leading into circles along with wrinkling.

The sweat and oil glands becomes smaller and smaller with the growing age. This allows easy loss of moisture that also causes wrinkle formation. Every one wants to appear young and beautiful. There are number of steps and methods to avoid early aging. Wrinkles at the age of 20’s and middle 30’s are the result of the negligence in caring skin. Skin cells require some essential vitamins and minerals that nourish skin cells giving them young appearance.

It has found that most of beauty products contain many vitamins and essential oils to benefit skin. Apart from nourishment it is similarly important to protect skin from external toxic factors. There are some external toxic elements that slow down the immune mechanism and hence they easily affect skin component leading them to age. Therefore protection is also essential to avoid aging signs.

When your aging signs become deep and prominent, you can go for strong anti-aging cream or various surgeries and techniques are available that works in removing aging lines of wrinkles.

Adapting correct means of protection and regular care with the help of wrinkle cream will assist you to keep wrinkles away for longer time.