Advance Wrinkle Treatment


In the race of implementing new and advance formula for producing best anti-wrinkle treatment, new technologies are studied and brought in focus in front of the world. Recent study had reported that naturally occurring fat molecule have the power to slow down aging process.

Aging though naturally or through the effects of external factors, the passage of time slows down collagen production. Also it favors the production of collagen destroying enzymes named MMPs. Now days every beauty cream target aging signs and aims in covering them.

In an experimental skin cells sample experts proved that three lipids worked successfully in preventing UV radiations that decrease skin collagen. It has also found that they suppress the production of MMPs that uses skin collagen. On the other hand it has found to benefit by enhancing the production of collagen in the skin layer.

Among the three lipids it has found that Phosphatidylserine lipid molecule have more benefiting effect on human skin. To confirm its effect 2% of Phosphatidylserine was applied on small portion of buttock of old and young person. The young person was exposed to UV radiation.

It was observed that in both the cases, Phosphatidylserine has proved to be effective against UV radiation and production of MMP’s enzyme. This substance protects the skin from aging due to UV radiations and also by declining collagen killing enzyme.

Such preliminary scientific trials are practiced to prevent aging signs and can come up as beneficial formula against natural and premature aging. More trials are remaining to know its exact working and therapeutic benefits.

The great demand of beauty products and anti-aging creams encouraged the researchers to research more effective formula that can have prolong positive effect. As the key factor that usually targets the skin collagen are UV radiations and collagen killing enzyme. If these two factors are reduced then aging signs like wrinkles can be very well controlled and stopped.