A Fight against Aging Signs


You enter in aging world when your skin is exposed to the outer environment. Affects begin but slowly and steadily damaging skin texture. The aging signs become alive when they appear to our naked eyes. Aging signs begins when your skin is exposed to external environment. It may be genetic also as there may be genetically deficiency of some essential skin ingredients. In that case it has to be cured with extra boosting of food and substances that stimulate production of those ingredients.

Genetically affected aging occurs due to any type of alteration in collagen and elastin components of skin cells. With the decrease in skin collagen, it loses elasticity of skin tending it to sag. The firmness of the skin gets lost and skin experience aging signs. Wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes and fine lines are common signs of aging.

Dehydration, drying and toxic chemical affects skin cells making it to wrinkle. With the decrease in skin collagen skin becomes thinner and thinner thus resulting into dark circles. This gives a tired and sick appearance about you. The skin under your eyes lacks oil glands that make it the easy victim of aging signs.

There are so many facial expressions and number of times we move eyelids, these expressions invites easy skin folding that too welcomes wrinkles and fine lines. You can fight aging signs effectively by going to the root of its cause. There are number of factors causing aging they can be categorized as extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

Extrinsic factors include sunrays of high intensity, free radicals, drying weather conditions, as well as changing weather state. Intrinsic factors involve genetic and hereditary changes, hormonal changes and prolong illness. These factors are prominently responsible for aging signs of skin cells.

However, preventive measures should be adapted to avoid aging signs and to enjoy prolong youthful skin.